Your home is your life long project. It’s the place you are proud of and will always want to look its best. Our company offers the most comprehensive painting services in Los Angeles real Cialis online. We are proud of our high quality exterior painting and coating — and would love to show you what we can do with your home. We have partnered with LifePaint to bring you the Stretch Guard 3000 coating product.

Our painting service differs from everyone else. Our Stretch Guard 3000 coating product creates protection for your home. If you are interested in your paint lasting for ages, you should give us a call to find out more information.


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Stretch Guard 3000 Features & Benefits:


Water Proofing; state-of-the-art coating waterproofs your walls unlike ordinary latex
house paint.

Will avoid water penetrating into walls and help eliminate damage.

Waterproofing-Penetration-Capillary action material is the key to eliminating efflorescence and other exterior problems stemming from water penetration.

Mildew, efflorescence, and other exterior water related problems are greatly reduced.

100% Elastomeric Terpolymer Acrylic Resin promotes flexibility even under extreme temperatures

Because the resin in Stretch Guard 3000 is thermoplastic, it can expand and contract with the surface as changes occur without problems of cracking, splitting, peeling or coming loose from the wall like ordinary paint.

Flexibility/Elongation-High Build water based materials have ingredients that allow for many features such as flexibility, elongation and stretch ability.

Walls move with heat and cold, earth movements etc., and require a coating that will withstand these issues for years, unlike ordinary paint.

Thermoplastic resins – Breathability
thermoplastic resins give Stretch Guard breathability.

If moisture cannot escape from behind the paint it will cause damage to all the surfaces real Cialis online in your home. This breathability allows vapors to escape while at the same time keeping water out.

Penetrating hiding power with an extremely strong and stable “whiter-than-white” ingredient unaffected by temperature change, moisture, acids and smog. The ingredient prevents oxidation and chalking.

Hides existing stains, completely conceals previous colors. It’s strength, though light weight, will not allow the coating to sag.

Stretch Guard is not affected by extremes in metal, which is one of the most difficult materials for any paint to adhere to.

All the metal around your house such as gutters, downspouts, roof drip edge, etc., Will be protected.

Diatomaceous silica is an additive that promotes inter-coat adhesion between the bonder and the coating.

Continuity in the material maximizes bonding and minimizes harmful intrusion from elements allowing or a longer lasting life.

Volcanic glass natural texture additive is crushed glass in small grains that’s heated to 1800? F, causing the glass to expand into millions of bubbles filled with air cells.

The glass beads are added to the coating thus creating a dramatic texture that gives a beauty to your walls while hiding Imperfections.

Reinforcement Fibers.

The reinforcement fibers give the coating the ability to bridge small cracks without permitting the coating to split, as well as to hold the ingredients together. Hides the tiny cracks that are on all houses.

Acrylic Bonder.

Bonds the pigments to the material which allows the elastomeric coating to give a consistent color to e entire house and reduces uneven fading.

Sun Resistant. Combines aluminum which is highly reflective and silicate in an insoluble complex combination of silicon and oxygen.

This combination gives this coating resistance to the damages caused by ultra violet rays from the sun. The combination also provides weatherability and adds strength. It can also reduce the wall temperature of your house up to 40%.

Elastomeric Finish Coat.

Coating that is 20 times thicker than paint. Will last as long as you own your home.

High Build Elastomeric Coating System.

Where temperature and humidity cause expansion and contraction on wood surfaces, Stretch Guard withstands those conditions and will allow your wood to be protected and last longer.