Ameriglass™ E2 Insulated Glass System

Amerimax’s proprietary E2 Insulated Glass System contains a triple-layer silver coating, providing the industry’s best solar heat reduction. Amerimax’s exclusive TrueWARM® Structural Foam Spacer creates a dual sealed warm edge glass unit with superior energy efficiency and long-term durability.. An “easy clean” Neat Glass coating, which is a permanent coating of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide, lets the sun and rain help keep your windows clean — making all Amerimax windows low maintenance. Because Amerimax windows exceed Energy Star requirements by as much as 45% and come with a liftetime warranty, you can be sure you are getting energy efficient windows that will remain beautiful and save you money.

Amerimax uses the Ameriglass™ AG3 glass system dual pane insulation system for all their windows.
This includes:

  • A 12-layer solar reflective coating to keep the sun’s heat from transmitting through the window into the home, blocking harmful UV rays.
  • A patented multi-layer heat retention coating that keeps the home’s interior heat or coolness from transmitting out of the home.
  • Argon gas “flood filled” – turns the space between the glass panes into a highly effective thermal barrier to help maintain the interior temperature of your home.
  • A structural foam warm edge spacer is used in between the panes of glass to absorb moisture and prevent condensation, and insulates against heat & gas loss, preserving integrity of the efficiency of the gas in the chamber.

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