Remodel USA Roofing Installation Steps

We use energy efficient Owens Corning products for all of our roofing projects.  While every customer and home is unique, each and every roofing project has the same general installation process, outlined below:

    1. Paperwork review. Paperwork is reviewed to make sure everything is in compliance with the Owens Corning 50 year warranty and with HERO or CaliforniaFIRST guidelines if it is a PACE funded project. This is all done before the installation process starts. Our field superintendent is made aware of all details of the job before it starts, down to the minute details (i.e. do not leave a gate open so the dog doesn’t escape).


Consulting with Our Field Superintendent (Click video to play)



2. On-site assessment. We go on-site and look at the roof again, re-measure it, and make sure we obtain all applicable permits. At this point we wait for a notice to proceed from HERO or CaliforniaFIRST, if it is a PACE funded project.


Re-measuring (Click video to play)



3. Tear-off. Tear-off crew shows up early in the day to tear off roof. We examine the deck at this point to assess if it needs to be replaced (if it has water damage, for example) or if it is safe to proceed with the existing deck. If the roof does not have a deck, a minimum 5/8” deck is installed. It is required to have a deck.


Replacing Wood on Deck (Click video to play)




Tearing Off Old Shingles (Click video to play)


4. Decking inspection (also called sheeting inspection). An inspector looks over the deck and makes sure it is safe to proceed. They also look for nail patterns to make sure the deck is secure.


5. Leakproofing. WeatherLock® (an Owens Corning self-sealing ice and water barrier) is applied to valleys and perpendicular areas such as chimneys. Chases are applied around pipes, etc to deflect moisture.



Applying WeatherLock® (Click video to play)


6. Apply synthetic underlayment. This is a thin material that cannot be ripped. This creates another moisture barrier for entire roof.



Applying Underlayment (Click video to play)


7. Apply drip edge. A drip edge is installed to protect top edge fascia (the wood band under roof edge) and prevents water damage.



Re-sizing and Applying Drip Edge (Click video to play)


8. Apply starter strip. Starter strips have a straight edge and is the first layer of roofing shingle. It is applied around perimeter of roof to prevent blow-offs and water damage.



Applying Starter Shingles (Click video to play)


9. Apply shingles. 99% of our roofing projects use Cool Life shingles. Nails are hidden by the shingle applied above it; no nail penetration is ever exposed.



Applying Shingles (Click video to play)


10. Apply ridge vent. This step is crucial for ventilation and energy efficiency. This requires a special piece from Owens Corning.



Applying Ridge Vent (Click video to play)


11. Call for final inspection. Inspector goes on roof and inspects everything.


12. You have your new roof!


Beautiful, Finished Roof! (Click video to play)

The Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System™ ensures that all the components of your roof work together for optimal energy efficiency. Read more about this energy efficient roofing system by clicking here.