Stretch guard Elastomeric exterior coatings from Remodel USA are the ideal solution to the many problems faced by homes exposed to shifting climates. This hi-build elastomeric coat acts as a flexible layer and can cover all forms of cracks while waterproofing the layer and making your home resistant to mildew and mold. Its elasticity makes it highly durable and prevents any future cracks. The features of this great product also include: it is environment friendly, dirt and fire resistant, requires low maintenance, it is chip, flake, peel, and crack resistant. Remodel USA will ensure proper installation of this high quality product with the help of professionally trained licensed applicators. The process is completely hassle free and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We also assure a LIFETIME product warranty! Call us today for a FREE estimate and take advantage of this new program! Our estimates are completely free and good for a whole year. Don’t hesitate, call now!


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