At Remodel USA, our beautiful ProVia entry doors have a meticulous installation process performed by our experienced professionals. Your new door will be energy efficient and look perfect after every installation.

Here are our installation steps:

STEP 1: Measure New Door & Door Frame

After unpackaging and inspecting your new entry door, we re-measure it, as well as the width and height of your door frame. Your old door stays installed during this step.





STEP 2: Prepare the Existing Opening

During this step, we remove your old entry door, hinges, and strike plates. Old weather-stripping is left installed. We also prepare the existing threshold – removing it if it is removable, or chiseling it until level with the floor if it is a non-removable threshold. Finally, we make sure the jamb rabbet that will receive the hinge side of replacement L-frame is plumb.






STEP 3: Install New Door

During this step, we have 7 substeps:

a.) Apply two 3/8” beads of caulking where sill extrusions meet the floor. We ensure that the sill area is level and it is shimmed if it is not level.

b.) Keep door prehung in replacement L-frame and set complete unit into wood jamb opening. Threshold must rest on the beads of caulk.

c.)           Partially screw frame into opening with #8 x 2 1/4” galvanized deck screws.

d.) Remove support bracket after fastening flange and closing door to check that margins are approximately 1/8” on all sides.

e.) Drive #10 x 2 1/2” installation screws through each countersunk hole in the steel L-frame.

f.) Complete screwing/fastening through designated holes on inside of L-frame.

g.) Caulk around threshold and against old weather-stripping to prepare for the next step.



STEP 4: Install Aluminum Stop & Weather Strip

The weather-stripping is pre-inserted into aluminum stop. We measure and cut the aluminum stops on wood jambs accordingly. If necessary, we shim behind the aluminum stop to allow the weather strip to make contact with the door. Next, we run #8 x 2” aluminum-stop installation screws through countersunk holes in aluminum stops. Finally, we re-install the interior casing, install the strike plate









I am very pleased with the work and the people working here. My new entry door and gutters look great!