Patio Cover Installation Process

Our energy efficient Duralum patio covers help regulate the temperature of the wall they are installed against as well as provide ample shade for your patio.

The installation process for our patio covers is straightforward.

Step 1: Install Ledger Board

The ledger board is installed against an exterior wall of your home. Its size is based on the size of your roof.
Install Ledger Board


Step 2: Install Rafter Hangers

We mark up the ledger cover and install rafter hangers on the center of each mark.
Install Rafter Hangers

Step 3: Install Rafter Brackets to Header

We center the rafter brackets on the marks atop the 3×8 header, then attach them using two each screws per bracket. These are spaced exactly to match the hangers on the ledger/wall/fascia.

Install Rafter Brackets to Header

Step 4: Install Bottom Post Brackets and Anchor Bolts

If you have a concrete slab under the area we are installing the patio cover, we drill a hole at least 2.5 inches deep and drive a concrete bolt into the holes and through the post brackets. If the surface below the patio cover is sand, grass, or any other soft surface, special concrete footing goes below ground with the post brackets to hold onto the posts (columns).





Step 5: Install Posts

After trimming your posts to the correct height, we secure them into the holes from the previous step.



Step 6: Install Header

The header is placed on top of the posts and a level is used to make sure the installation looks flawless. The top post brackets are secured into the header at the location of each post. The header is then placed back onto the posts and secured.





Step 7: Install Rafters

The rafters are placed with the seam side up on a rafter hanger and in a rafter bracket on one end of the header. If there are any gaps on the rafters near the house/ledger board, these are neatly caulked.



Step 8: Install Lattice Tubes

Starting at the house, we place the first tube seam side up until all lattice tubes are installed.



Step 9: Install Side Plates on Posts

The side plates are centered on each post and secured.


Trim Coating Started